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About Townsville..

The famous Castle Hill in Townsville
Townsville is in Queensland, north-eastern coast of Australia. Townsville is considered the unofficial capital of North Queensland with a population of around 190,000 and has one of the fastest growth rates in Australia.

The city hosts a number of popular attractions and a significant number of governmental, community and major business administrative offices for the northern half of the state.


Townsville flourished from around the 1882 when the region was host to the sugar industries. In 1902 the Local Authorities proclaimed Townsville as a city.

During World War II, became a major staging point for battles in the South West Pacific. The city was host to over 50,000 American and Australian troops and air crew. Large United States Armed Forces contingent supported the war effort from seven airfields and other bases around the city and in the region.

Today, Townsville continues to expand with a new cruise liner terminal under development, itís new railway terminal, many new retail projects, new highways, and major expansion in residential areas.


Townsville is characterised as a tropical savannah climate and owing to a quirk of its geographical location, it averages 300 fine days per year and some 8.4 hours of sunshine per day.

This means during spring and summer (from September to February) it is generally very warm, usually averaging around 30 Celsius. Autumn and winter (from March to August) temperatures sit at an invigorating average of around 25 Celsius.

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